Mamre SDA Church

There's no place like Mamre



The Communications Ministries is a dynamic department with responsibilities to disseminate the church information. We keep members inform and see that the church is appropriately represented as a friendly community church in the community; and to the general public through our audio visual productions in four areas of the ministry:

-  Public Relations: maintain church website, announcement and flyers for church events.

-  Media Relations: advertise church activities in the media; print, radio, tv and internet.

- News and Information: publish church newsletter and maintain an attractive bulletin board.

This Ministry will continue to encourage every other Department and member to go into all the world and spread the good news of salvation, including the 3Angels' Message to every nation, kindred and tongue.

In addition to the publication of our eNewsletter, we will continue to enhance our website, and increase our social media presents on FacebookYoutube and Twitter; seeking to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and help everyone focus on getting ready for God's kingdom.  We are encouraging everyone to visit our website as often as possible and join our Livestream service or click on any of our zoom links on the home page. Follow us on Facebook, whenever you're on  your computer, smart phone or ipad. All departments are invited to submit their contributions for both our newsletter and website to  

Let us use the available tools of modern technology: videos, internet, emails, cell phone, ipod, iphone, face book, twitter, texting and spread God's Words and win souls for His Kingdom.